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Welcome to the Website! The Association is open to all former members of the WRNS, WRNR, VAD as well as past and serving women members of the RN, RNR and Commonwealth Navies.

The Association of Wrens was formed in 1920 yet is still relevant today for those who wish to keep in touch with friends and colleagues from service days.

Over 5,500 women members from both the UK and overseas share a unique camaraderie based on their determination that the spirit of the service is kept alive.


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Members' Stories

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The Wren Magazine

The Wren is published three times a year

If you have a story for the next issue, send your submission to

We are pleased to offer this unique booklet of the history of the decommissioning of HMS Dauntless

"The Wren" magazine is a great way to keep up to date and in touch with the Association of Wrens.

The Wrens Standard embodies our past and reinforces our friendship.

Nil Desperandum

Never Despair