About Us

The Association of Wrens was formed in 1920 yet is still relevant today for those who wish to keep in touch with friends and colleagues from service days. Over 5,500 women members from both the UK and overseas share a unique camaraderie based on their determination that the spirit of the service is kept alive.

At the end of WWI, when the Women's Royal Naval Service was disbanded, there was a need to administer the large amount of money granted to ex-service women by the Navy & Army Canteen Board. This led to the Service Women’s Fund Committee being established in 1920. The WRNS Friendly Association, first renamed the Society of Wrens,  finally named the Association of Wrens, was formally set up in November that year with Dame Katharine Furse as President. 

The Association is open to all former members of the WRNS, WRNR, VAD as well as past and serving women members of the RN, RNR and Commonwealth Navies.

The object of the Association is to celebrate our past achievements, preserve our history, foster friendship and bind together in practical comradeship all who have served or are still serving.

We are very proud to include all women who have served in the Royal Navy in particular those who are serving today.

Princess Royal, Admiral and Chief Commandant for Women in the Royal Navy The Association is honoured that HRH the Princess Royal, Admiral and Chief Commandant for Women in the Royal Navy is our Patron


Details of Trustees and the Annual Report can be found on the Charity Commission website.

The Constitution of the Association of Wrens dated September 2018 was adopted at the AGM on 29th September 2018.