Chairman Jill Stellingworth Winter 2018

I served in the WRNS/RN for 40 years. First as an Air Mechanic and then as a Wtr (G) - swopping hydraulic fluid for ink and spanner for pen. My OTC was at Greenwich and my first officer appointment was on the staff at BRNC before WRNS OTC transferred to the College. Following on, I served on the Staffs of FONAC, FOSM and CINCFleet, in the MOD in Polaris, Naval Manpower, Naval Service Conditions, and Tri-Service Personnel departments. Back at Greenwich I was the Executive Officer of the RN Staff College including the closure of RNSC and the setting up of the then new Joint Staff College. Two years were spent as a Directing Staff Member of the Royal College of Defence Studies – which included overseas tours to Gambia /Senegal /Ghana /Zimbabwe /Zambia and the following year to Oman /Egypt /Israel /Jordan /Syria. An out-of-the-ordinary posting was as Head of Tri-Service Uniform and non-Operational Clothing – this encompassed 'conception to grave' i.e. introduction of new items, development, contracts, supply and finally disposal. The bane of life included real or fake fur for the Guards’ bearskins, black sheepskin saddle cloths for the Household Cavalry, new naval mess dress and square rig, RAF raincoats – and don't forget the horses and dogs!  My posting to the Joint Helicopter Command (HQ Land) turned out to be my last as two broken wrists prevented me continuing my career with the JAPAS project team at Worthy Down. While in the MOD I was involved with the preparation for, briefing of Ministers, and watchkeeping during the first Gulf War, while in JHC it was the preparation of the second Gulf war – no medals though!