This montage of Association magazines from 1920 to the present day was included in the Commemorative brochure for the 90th anniversary of the Association of Wrens in November 2010

"The Wren" magazine is a great way to keep up to date and in touch with the Association of Wrens.

Every member of the Association receives a free copy of "The Wren" three times a year. The contents range from letters from women at sea, to those recalling life in the Wrennery, plus photos, reunion news, research requests and news of members in the regions. Our "Where Are You Now" page has reunited friends after many years.

The first Editor of the magazine was Miss Vera Laughton MBE (ex-L/Wren to Principal Officer WRNS in WWI, then Dame Vera Laughton Mathews DBE Director WRNS 1939 – 1946) and was published in February 1921 at a cost of 4d. 

"The Wren" was intended to be issued quarterly, but by October monthly copies were being distributed at a cost of 3s 6d per year. Later, in December 1923 it was decided to combine membership fees of the Association, and the charges for "The Wren" magazine, at a set rate of five shillings a year.

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