How do I become a Member of the Association of Wrens

The Association welcomes all who served in the WRNS & WRNR, including those who transferred to the RN & RNR, and all former and serving female ratings and officers of the RN on-line via the MEMBERSHIP section of the Website. Membership forms are also available by post from the Association of Wrens HQ.

How do I renew my membership

A reminder and form are enclosed in your Winter copy of The Wren magazine. You may also renew on-line via the Membership section of the Website

How can I obtain a replacement Membership Card

A replacement card may be obtained via the Membership section of the Website or by post from the Association of Wrens HQ current at a cost including postage of £1.99


How do I notify you of a Change of Address

Address Changes should be notified to the Association Office using the Contact section on the Menu Bar on the website home page, by email to Office@wrens.org.uk , by phone 02392 725141 or by post to Room 215, Semaphore Tower (PP70), HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, PO1 3LT


How do I obtain tickets to take part in the parade on Remembrance Sunday


Tickets are essential for those taking part, but are not required for spectators and are available for current Association members only.

The list for members to request a ticket will be open at the beginning of May and will close at the end of June. Please download the application form from the website or contact HQ for a copy and include a SAE (C5 size minimum please) when you submit your application

Please contact HQ after 10 July to find out if you have been allocated a ticket. Tickets are non transferable.  Proof of identity is required at the event.


Is there a Branch/Informal Group near me

Branches & Groups Location

A list of Branches & Groups may be found on the Home Page of the website either by clicking on the Blue bar or visiting Branches & Groups in the menu at the foot of the Home Page


How do We form a new Branch/Informal Group (IG)

New Branch/Informal Group

The Association should be informed of your plan to form a new Branch/Group and will assist you in every way possible. A grant may be available towards start-up expenses. The Administrator will put other members in touch with you if requested. Details are available from the Association HQ office.


What is the procedure for closing a Branch

All assets of the Branch shall be realised and all debts and liabilities discharged. Any remaining funds shall be disposed of as agreed by the Branch Members. The advice of Association HQ should be sought regarding the ultimate disposal of relevant archives and women’s service memorabilia (WRNS and RN). If the Branch has a Standard, it should be laid up in a suitable place or sent to HQ to be cared for and used to train new Standard Bearers.


How do I organise the laying-up of our Standard

Arrangements should be made to lay up the Standard in a suitable place. This action cannot be undone: the Standard may not be used again. An Order of Service can be obtained from the HQ office.  Alternatively, The Standard  may be deposited in the AOW office where it will be preserved and may be used to train future Standard Bearers.


How do I find out about my Pension

Where can I obtain WRNS Service Records

Records of Service

Ratings Pre 1924, WRNS WW1 records, Officers 1756-1917 and all ship records: National Archives (PRO) Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU Tel: 020 8876 3444


Ratings 1924-72, Officers 1906-1982, WRNS 1939-1955, Reservists WWII : Director of Naval Personnel, Navy Search, TNT Records Management, PO Box 7814, Tetron Point, William Nadin Way, Swadlincote, Derbyshire DE11 1EG Tel: 01283, 227912 or 227913

Where can I enquire about War Medals

 Information is available at:


Alternatively, contact HQ for assistance


How do I contact the Wrens Benevolent Trust

BENEVOLENT TRUST (WRNSBT) can be found on the Home Page of the website either by clicking on the Get Help Blue bar or visiting Get Assistance in the menu at the foot of the Home Page


How can I make a donation

To donate on-line see the Donations section at the foot of the homepage of the Website. Donations may also be made by cheque payable to The Association of Wrens and posted to The Administrator, Room 215, Semaphore Tower (PP70), HM Naval Base, Portsmoutj PO1 3LT

Are my credit card details secure when using the AOW Website

Credit Card details are secure. The secure system from Sagepay is embedded in the Website. Credit Card details are not handled or stored by the Association.

Where can I look at back copies of The Wren Magazine

A complete collection of the Wren Magazine back to February 1921, is kept in the HQ office.  Copies can be accessed via The Imperial War Museum who also hold a collection.


How do I notify the Association of the death of a former Wren

Inform the Administrator at the HQ of the Association of Wrens either by email office@wrens.org.uk, telephone 02392725141 or by post giving as much information as possible about their dates of service, rank or rate, Category/Branch, where they served and Membership number. Please include date of death.  The obituary will be published in The Wren magazine.

There is no charge for an obituary entry in The Wren. Next of kin will be sent a copy of the published obituary. 

Which flag may be used at a funeral

We understand that only serving members can use the White Ensign but anyone one who has served can use the Union Flag which should be available from the Funeral Director.


Is there a Wrens Prayer

Where can I get a record of the Wrens' March

It is available as an MP3 download from Amazon: From the album The Martial Music of Sir Vivian Dunn. https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Digital-Music/Passing-Wrns-March/B001G3A19A

How do I arrange for Ashes to be scattered at Sea

Where can I obtain the rose bush named "The Wren"


Purchase Online or by telephone from listed suppliers