Cornwall Visit

West Cornwall's Lunch with Chairman

As Chairman of the Association of Wrens, one of my intentions was to try and visit some of our branches especially the ones that are a little more out of the way, so that they don't feel forgotten. During a recent visit to Cornwall to stay with some of the family, I decided this was an ideal opportunity to try and meet up with some of the West Cornwall wrens. I managed to achieve this through the Secretary of their branch, namely Frances Townsend who through various contacts including their own Facebook page got together some 20 former wrens. We all met in an Italian Restaurant in Truro for lunch and we had an amazing few hours swopping stories and catching up with one another. Included in the group was a serving Petty Officer stationed at Culdrose who was also involved in organising an event in the area next year for WRNS100. I am deeply grateful to Frances and her girls for making this possible and I hope that we might continue with the friendship in the future. It was special for me to talk about Culdrose having served there from August 1970 to June 1972 and I still have happy memories of my time spent on the Air Station. As we are regular visitors to the area with our son living in Falmouth I am sure we will be able to meet up with some of the group in the future. It is also worth noting that West Cornwall were the first branch to hold a Standard Bearers Competition at Culdrose many years ago, and they still have a standard bearer in their midst. Some of the girls were not members of the Association so I duly took along some application forms and I am hoping that I might have recruited a few new members! I would also like to mention their Chairman Joan Kearsley. They all made me feel extremely welcome and looked after me very well. One former wren came along who had never met with any of the group until that day so I might have done some good in getting some of the girls together for the first time. Well done to Frances and her team in promoting the 'Esprit De Corps' for the Association.

Carol Gibbon