Dauntless Reunion

I know the weekend has passed but memories of November’s Dauntless Reunion will last a life time. Meeting and greeting, hugs and kisses, tears and laughter, eating and drinking. To say we all enjoyed ourselves is an understatement. Running out of wine speaks for itself.

It was quite memorable for me as it would have been my 63rd wedding anniversary (to a sailor or course) who died 16 months ago. I was able to celebrate the memories in style as my bridesmaid Kath had joined the Association and come from Storrington to share a ‘cabin’ with me for the first time in 65 years. What a catch up we had! And we spliced the mainbrace with G & T with other friends. The whole weekend was a great success and can’t wait for 2015. Thanks to all those that made it so memorable for us.

Joan Wright (nee Williams), Writer Pay 1949