Fifty Years Ago

After having read the articles in the Magazine by three ex Wrens whom I knew, I thought it was about time I put pen to paper.

I joined the Wrens on the 24th March 1964 and if my memory serves me well I was Ajax 175 Division. I actually wanted to be a Radio Operator but my spelling was not my strong point, my next choice was a Motor Transport Driver but I was too short, however I was good at mathematics so I became a Writer Pay.

Would you believe like Kay Farrance, I was also an offender at an early age ie my 19th Birthday, and likewise it was my first and last offence.

I served in many establishments, some of them more than once. I was lucky enough to get a foreign draft to Malta it was the only one for a Petty Officer Writer Pay. We worked alongside the Maltese and I must say how well they treated me, I was the only woman in the office and I was thoroughly spoilt by them. My parents came out for a months holiday and I rented a flat and stayed with them. I had bought a car so my dad dropped me off in the morning and then they had the car to tour around Malta all day. 

One draft I didn’t want was HMS Nelson, but it turned out to be one of my best. I worked in the travelling expense office where I dealt with all ranks and rates from Admirals to the most Junior Ratings, it was a most rewarding job.

I do have one regret whilst serving at HMS Daedalus Princess Anne was due to visit, but unfortunately I had booked leave and was going away with other people so I felt I couldn’t cancel. I had always admired her and my Boss was going to allow me to introduce my staff to Princess Anne.

I took advantage of the various activities available to us, for example, expeding, hockey, netball, and I always encouraged my staff to do the same. I would have liked to have gone to Wimbledon but I could never be spared. That’s not to “PLAY” but be an attendant.

As a result of the Wrens magazine I met up with Ann Gibson who I joined up with but had lost touch for many years. We are both going to the Reunion in August and will hopefully meet up with a few more old comrades.

I must say I would still join the Wrens but not in this day and age as I wouldn’t want to go to sea!!!!
Establishments: Dauntles, Pembroke, Drake, Excellent, St Angelo, Nelson and Dolphin.

Jean Jackson (Harris and Kirkland) W120898W BEM