I have seen the Queen in Pantomme

Windsor Castle

From Rita Bradbury, previously P/O Pay writer Rita Fenwick of HMS President 3

I have seen the Queen perform in a pantomime.   Not many people can say that!

In 1944 I was in the Wrens, stationed at Windsor, when a notice went up inviting 20 wrens to watch a pantomime devised by the two Princesses.   My name was drawn out of the hat and I went to the Waterloo Chamber in Windsor Castle to join members of the Royal Household in the audience.   The pantomime was called "Old Mother Red Riding Boots".    Princess Elizabeth was the Principal Boy and Princess Margaret the Principle Girl.  

At one point the two Princesses sang "Sur le Pont d'Avignon" accompanied by the "Salon Orchestra" of the Royal Horse Guards who, after the first verse, jazzed it up a bit.   Princess Margaret put her finger in the air and danced a jive.   Princess Elizabeth was more sedate.   This was good experience for them to perform in front of the public.


Rita Bradbury, c/o The Association of Wrens, Room 215, Semaphore Tower (PP70} HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, PO1 3LT


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