RNC Greenwich WRNS OTC 3/73 40th Reunion

On 22nd November 1973 fifteen of us celebrated our passing out parade and commissioning ceremony at RNC Greenwich. The day was shared by family and friends. We were all excited and thoroughly proud to be joining such an historic and important organisation, feelings we all retain even after forty years.

The previous evening we were lucky enough to enjoy a Mess Dinner in the presence of her Majesty The Queen. As this was such a unique event we were given special dispensation to wear our officers’ uniform prior to our commissioning. Our beautiful brand new blue mess dresses were not particularly elegant but better than our Number 1 cadet uniform! It was a wonderful evening and a great prelude to our commissioning.

Last November 23rd was another special occasion when 9 of the original 15 gathered in Salisbury to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. The reunion was splendidly organised by Sally Waite (nee Woodhams), and Suzie Johns (nee Dudley) who assisted in tracing all our course.

Although some of us have kept in touch, what a lovely time we had catching up on the intervening 40 years and the different directions we had followed, but still retaining our common link. It was such fun reminiscing on some of our exploits at Greenwich - what mad things you do when you are young!