Cmdt Anthea Larken CBE talks to the NMRN

Commandant Anthea Larken CBE on the bridge HMS DAUNTLESS visit 2010

National Museum of the Royal Navy

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Anthea Larken joined the WRNS in 1956. During her early career she held a wide range of posts, including as Range Assessor and Photographic Interpreter. During her career she saw the WRNS go through many significant changes and was directly involved in a number of developments.

She was appointed Director WRNS 1988 – 1991. It was during this period that the WRNS went through one of its most significant changes. In October 1990 the first women joined the crew of a Royal Naval warship, HMS Brilliant.

Here she talks about the era before women went to sea, and how they felt this affected their careers in the Royal Navy.

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Commandant Anthea Larken CBE is the President of the Association of Wrens (Women of the Royal Naval Services)