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WRNS100 launch exhibition NMRN RN ratings Jankey, Sharon, Alice, Karen, Natalie & Heather with Celia Saywell PRO AOW IWD 2017

There will be many formal photos and accounts of the WRNS100 launch at the NMRN on International Women's Day at the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

This group shot seems to sum up the spirit of the day when the PRO of the Association of Wrens, Celia Saywell met some of today's women of the Royal Navy, including ratings, Jankey, Sharon, Alice, Karen, Natalie & Heather who were delighted with their 'freebie bugs'!

They had all volunteered to represent their various ships/establishments and will hopefully keep in touch. We do have many serving women in the Association (it's for women of all Royal Naval Servicies, not just ex Wrens!) and are pleased that the WRNS100 centenary project is helping to increase our recruiting opportunities.

Congratulations to all concerned for a most enjoyable event and an excellent exhibition.

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